ErgoPlay Safety Surfaces, Playground Flooring, Safety Flooring, Rubber Mats, Safety Tiles, Rubber Tiles, Safety Tiles

Playground Safety Surfaces

Safety Tiles, Safety Surfaces, Rubber Tiles, Rubber Mulch, Rubber Surfaces, Playground Flooring, Safety Flooring

Hard materials like concrete, asphalt and compacted soil are dangerous, if a child's head should strike the surface it might give severe damages , such as brain damage, serious disability or even death as a result. Gravel, sand, mulch and wood chips ensures better protection
but cause problems as the need for constant maintenance, sanitary risks and increased danger for eye injuries and accidental ingestion is a fact. Furthermore, the use of gravel and sand will result in increased wear and tear on playground equipment, furniture and floorings etc. 

ErgoFloor Vietnam Rubber is producing and marketing a wide range of high-quality safety surfaces, which are good alternatives to these traditional safety surface materials. The product range includes different safety surfaces for general use on indoor and outdoor playgrounds, nature playgrounds, playing areas, amusement parks and climbing centres etc.

The product range includes among others

  • ErgoPlay safety tiles - rubber tiles.
  • ErgoSoft rubber mulch - rubber surfaces - safety surfaces - playground floorings.
  • PlayNSafe safety fall grass mats.

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