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About us

ErgoFloor Vietnam Rubber Ltd. was founded in 2011 as a Joint Venture company between a Vietnamese company and the Danish company ErgoFloor A/S. Initially supported by the Danish government via the Danida B2B program for developing countries.

Using sustainable, unique and environmentally friendly production methods, a wide range of different rubber surfaces and floorings etc. are produced.

Early 2017, the company moved to a brand new factory building and in 2020 the neighbour building was acquired. Thereby the total factory and warehouse area was increased to about 2500 m2 with an annual capacity of about 5.000 tons of rubber floorings and moulded rubber products.    

Based on our broad know-how and the modern production technology in our new factory, ErgoFloor Vietnam Rubber Ltd. has achieved a position as a leading manufacturer of floorings and surfaces produced from recycled rubber.....We produce high European quality at competitive prices.

Our code of ethics is, that we through our activities shall contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling of waste rubber into new and valuable rubber surfaces and rubber products.

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