Producers of rubber floorings, rubber tiles, safety tiles, fitness floorings, ErgoFloor Vietnam Rubber Ltd. employees

Uffe Mølgaard


+45 29 46 94 27

Michael Moric


+45 29 46 94 28

Lina Zhang

Area sales manager

+86 13 793 213 010

Jason Zhou

Area sales manager

+86 13 854 276 215

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All local sales in Vietnam are handled by Mr. Bui Minh Quan, CEO of ErgoFloor Vietnam Rubber Ltd.

All export sales to Asian countries are handled by  Mr. Jason Zhou & Ms. Lina Zhang, area sales managers of ErgoFloor A/S.

All export sales to all other countries and regions are handled by Mr. Uffe Mølgaard & Mr. Michael Moric, CEO's of ErgoFloor A/S.

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