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ErgoTile Rubber Tiles

Soft and durable rubber tiles that are multi-usable for kindergartens, playgrounds, amusement parks, schools, fitness centers, gym, terraces, roof terraces, garden paths, walkways, golf clubs, equine use, galleries and exhibition floors etc.

ErgoTile Rubber Tiles are fall and shock-reducing, impact-absorbing, anti-fatigue, non-skid and ergonomic and can be delivered with integrated drainage channels for surface water drainage.

ErgoTile Rubber Tiles can be installed directly on gravel, asphalt, concrete, roofing felt, existing concrete tiles etc and are resistant to extreme loads as e.g. from horse's hoofs and steel and plastic spikes on golf shoes.

ErgoTile Rubber Tiles are robust and weatherproof and produced environmentally friendly and inexpensively of recycled rubber granules from end-of-life tyres.

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