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ErgoFloor Vietnam Rubber is a leading manufacturer of sustainable floorings and safety surfaces made from recycled rubber. Using unique and environmentally friendly production methods, a wide range of rubber surfaces and rubber floorings etc. are produced to improve the safety and welfare for humans and animals.

The product program is wide and includes, among others, products suitable for use as flooring and underlayment solutions:


Impact, sound and vibration reduction in connection with e.g. fitness, crossfit and free weight training etc.:

    • ErgoTile Quad rubber tiles - rubber floorings
    • ErgoTile Puzzle rubber tiles - rubber floorings
    • ErgoPlay Impact rubber tiles
    • ErgoPave H-Link Equine rubber pavers

Playground Safety Surfacing Systems - for outdoor and indoor use:

    • ErgoPlay rubber tiles for playground fall safety
    • ErgoSoft rubber surfacing
    • PlayNSafe safety playground fall grass grid rubber mats

Garden and Park:

    • ErgoTile Quad rubber tiles for terraces, balconies and walkways
    • ErgoTile Quad-Rec rubber tiles for terraces, balconies and walkways
    • ErgoPave H-Link Equine rubber tiles for walkways and outdoor fitness
    • ErgoGarden Tree Rings in rubber
    • ErgoGarden Jumping rubber stones for fun and improvement of motor skills
    • ErgoGarden grass edging in rubber

Farming/stables - antifatigue relief and protection for horses and other farming animals:

    • ErgoPave H-Link Equine dogbone rubber pavers for stall walkways, washing and nursing areas and paddocks etc.
    • ErgoRamp rubber ramps for the improvement of accessibility and remedying of level differences

Industry, business and health care sector etc.:

    • ErgoTile rubber tiles as a durable and anti fatigue rubber flooring
    • ErgoRamp rubber ramps for the improvement of accessibility and remedying of level differences

Outdoor sports facilities:

    • ErgoPave H-Link Equine rubber tiles for walkways, sports fields and fitness
    • Wet pour rubber surfacing for sports fields and fitness


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